Why some aircon has foul smell?
When air conditioners dehumidify and extract heat from the surrounding area, water is produced as a waste product. The moisture accumulates, creating a dark and damp environment that aids in the formation of mold, slime mold or mildew, all of which release a very pungent smell. Furthermore, as the external section of an air conditioning unit resides outside in most homes and offices, foreign particles or debris are easily trapped in the ducting. When these particles rot, they may also contribute to the musky and undesirable aroma. While the smell is a predicament, it is good to know that it can be remedied by a professional air-con company of choice.
What is an Energy Label?
Having electrical appliances, such as air-conditioners and refrigerators, bearing the "Energy Label" can help to save electricity. Detailed information on energy efficiency of various models of air-conditioners and refrigerators can be found on Singapore's Energy Labelling Scheme homepage app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/article.asp?pid=2844